Catching The Next Wave

About Playa Lab

Founded to build iconic companies that make history. Today, Playa Lab is creating a legacy of bold ideas that span industries and continents, creating, partnering, or consulting with companies from inception and beyond to maximize the potential of any service.

Our Mission

To be known as a solutions provider that leads, creates, and launches ideas. We want to make history and to partner with any company in pursuit of that goal.

Our Ethos

Moral compass

We strive to provide information, connectivity, and value to our customers with the tools at our disposal — people, technology and capital — and we work with products and founders who share this compass.


Building a company / service is a long journey that demands thoughtful decision making. We strive to fully value all the interested parties directly or indirectly serviced.


We never forget that we are here to serve customers by solving their biggest pain points. We take nothing for granted and never assume we have all the answers.


To succeed requires passion, grit, and determination. Working hard and learning from diverse expertise and experience only leads to one thing, winning.

Our Values

One Team

We operate in a culture of transparency, teamwork and trust. We know how each individual role plays a part in the success of Playa Lab and everyone’s work matters.


We set a high bar and sweat the details, holding ourselves accountable to goals and objectives we have set, always striving to get better.

Operating in Real Time

We are a service organization supporting the customers and companies with no trade-off between speed and quality.

Positive Intent

We assume that everyone at Playa Lab is here for the right reasons. We trust that each person operates with good intentions and acts with integrity and respect.